100 hours to MVP
A demo is worth 1000 words

Offering summary

This offering is for founders or ideators who want to quickly build working demos of their ideas. Grey Neuron's promise to build a demoable POC in flat 30 days/100 hrs/4000 USD.

How it works

  • Grey Neurons talks to you for about 5 hrs to understand your idea.
  • We then go out and build an end to end demo first cut in 45 hrs using python, flask, postgres, ubuntu.
  • Iteration 1 review for 5 hrs.
  • Iteration 2 is completed in 45 hrs.
  • What you get

    At the end of 100 hrs /30 calendar days, you get
  • A working demo on cloud.
  • Access to source code.
  • What you DON'T get

    It is NOT about
  • Getting 100% requirements done.
  • Having a perfect UX.
  • Having a perfect architecture or design.
  • Clicky