Grey Neurons is your trusted technology partner. We have 50+ years of building software. We strongly believe in designing simple, secured & scalable systems steering our customers clear of fad-technologies. We have helped start ups build their products from scratch & worked with enterprises scale up their products. Grey Neurons has diverse experience in Logistics, Fintech, Cyber security, Unified communication & Contact centers.
For a quick demo or an end to end POC irrespetive of the use case, Grey Neurons recommends using Python to get off the ground quickly & validate your ideas and concepts.

Our 100 hrs to MVP offering is targeted towards customers looking to see their ideas being converted to MVPs.
Grey Neurons has expertise building AI/ML based solutions using python with OpenCV, spaCy, PyTorch, TensorFlow, scikit-learn , pandas etc.

AI/ML is part of the hype cycle. Everyone already has or wants it. We believe in engaging with our customers to understand the real needs for AI/ML before getting down to implementation.
If you have a crazy scaling & reliability requirements, Erlang / Elixir is our recomendation.
We have decades of experience building enterprise grade Java or .NET web applications.
If you are looking for a secured system programming language, C is a natural choice. But wait if you are starting fresh, we would rather recomend you to look at Rust instead of C.

Rust's memory safety features make it appealing especially comparing it to C. No wonder part of Linux kernel, Windows OS have started the migration from C to Rust.

GreyNeuron strongly believes Rust can not be ignored. If you have an existing product in C, you may want to consider gradually rewriting some pieces of code into Rust.

Postgres is the hammer of database. It is not only battle proven SQL engine but also has a matured support for NOSQL elements via hkey store or jsonB column types. Postgres is also truly open source and will continue to be open source with a fantastic community supporting it.

In any software project worth its salt, you have usecases which need both SQL and NoSQL database. So going with postgres helps you to implement all these help cases without going for additional databases reducing TCO during dev and production.

GreyNeurons strongly recommends starting with Postgres and going to other database only if only need be. .

You are thinking NodeJS for your next SaaS idea. Our only advice is use TypeScript instead of JavaScript.
We will make you think hard if you really need modern UI frameworks like Angular, React etc or server side templating is good enough.
Virtual CTO Services
Requirement Exploration & MVP definition
Grey Neuron engages with you to work with all stakeholders to write requirements that is a good blend of functional , non funtional requirements. During this phase , we also work extensively with business folks ( product managers, sales/marketing teams) to ensure business side drivers are appropriately reflected in the artifacts.
Tech stack selection & architecture
GreyNeurons has experience working in startups as well as large enterprise. Selection of Tech Stack & architecture is just not about technology but also about considering business drivers. It is also about knowing where to trade off and where to take a hard stand.
Strategic hiring
GreyNeurons team knows what it takes to a get team off the ground. We will help you build a resourcing strategy and assist you in your key hirings.
Code reviews & Test strategy Deep dives
Requirements and Design at the end is document what gets delivered to customer is code. So we give utmost importance to building coding best practices and conduct code audits and reviews. GreyNeurons will also work with your test teams to define high level test strategy to ensure you get the right test coverage with the right tools including automation.
DevSec Ops
DevSecOps is a vast area and can get overwhelming. We will help you defining DevSecOps roadmap that aligns with your product development roadmap and business outcomes.
Security audits & process compliance
Grey Neurons can help you get thru the SOC2, ISO27001 and automate the audit process. Based on our experience we can make sure key aspects of what is required is covered in Requirements,Architecture.
Open Source Program Office
GreyNeurons can help you with legal, technical & training aspects of open source.
M & A
GreyNeurons can be part of your M & A team driving the product, people, process evaluation from an engineering aspect.
Trainings & Workshops
The art of Software Engineering
This is our signature software engineering training targeted for software engineers. This can be delivered in both on campus & online mode in a workshop or a continuos engagement format. Suitable for juniors & experienced teams, the main objective of this engagement is to set the desired engineering culture for your teams.
Functional programming 101
Functional programming is making a big come back. This workshop is great introduction to functional programming concepts, various programming language support for functional programming, blending Object oriented with functional programming.
Hands On with Elixir
This is a hands-on Elixir training program where you will get to know about Elixir, right use cases for Elixir. Exercises will range from Hello world to full blown messaging server.
Let Us Rust
This Rust Language training program is inspired from the famous Let Us C book by Yashwant Kanetkar. Since Rust is touted as a replacement language for C / C++, we use the contents from Let Us C book to drive home this point.
Products & Offerings
WeRecruit is world's first truly open source recruitment stack focusing on needs of recruiting freelancers, small recruitment agencies and professsionals. More
100 hours to MVP
Grey Neuron's promise to build a demoable POC in flat 30 days/100 hrs/4000 USD. Targeted for founders or ideators who want to quickly build working demos of their ideas. More
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